I am a Montana born and raised American.  I love Baseball, always have and always well.  However, I hate seeing the Yankees do what they do to this game.  The last three signings have basically ruined the excitement to see what is to come for another Year of America’s greatest game.  Honestly I feel robbed of thinking perhaps somebody could make another tremendous season (like Tampa did last year).  That is excitement!!  I am not a Tampa fan, but for the love of the game, I loved seeing them win and do what they did.  Nevertheless; we enter into another Hot Stove Season and the Yankees once again (fearing for the worst, another year without a playoff birth), buy the greatest names on the market and take away any anticipation for the 09 season.  Yeah, we won’t know until the season, but just looking at it now, who could possible beat the Yankees this year?  Hal, Cashmen, please do us a favor and just know when to stop.  Remember there are fans elsewhere and we love the game for its excitement.  We don’t want to see an All Star team beating on every team basically every night.  Thanks to all the players of this league and remember you have got the greatest job that any of us could have ever wished for.  Enjoy it and have a Great, Safe and Successful Year!!  Yours truly Montanabaseball!!! 



  1. myopia2@comcast.net

    I whole hearted agree with Montanabaseball I have two big words to say SALARY CAP!!!!! It has certainly made football a very competitive sport. I see nothing but trouble from this signing. At this point the Yankees salary is probally 3 to 4 times what most clubs can put on the field. Knowing you have salaries of say 75 million on the field compared to the Yankees with approximately 275, why would you even want to play as a player of a lesser club. MLB needs to step in and kill this monopoly of players. It is obvious that the luxury tax is meaniless. MLB FIX THE PROBLEM!!!!!

  2. Jane Heller

    I understand how you feel, montanabaseball. You too, myopia. But as you point out, the big-money acquisitions are no guarantee of success (Phillies, Rays in ’08 alone), so there’s still plenty of suspense looking ahead. The Yankees’ parade of All-Stars will fill ballparks of opposing teams and life will go on. Should there be a salary cap in baseball? If the players union and owners agree to it, it would be fine with me. Happy Holidays!


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